Instant Hot Drinks

Fresh Seal to go is the best instant in-cup hot drink. The 240 ml cup is small, durable and easy to use. A great tasting cup of coffee, tea, hot chocolate or soup. We stock some of the world’s most favourite brands of instant hot drinks such as Nescafe, Nestle, Fair-trade, PG Tips, Douwe Egberts and Batchelors.

Perfect for people who are always on the go; just peel back the sealed foil, add hot water and stir.  We also provide hot water dispensers making it a perfect, mess-free, convenient way to provide drinks at home, work, kiosks, on board airlines, in football stadiums, hotels, conferences etc.


Nescafe and Go is one of the most successful products and brands in the world for hot beverages. Nescafe & Go is a simple and effective coffee solution for many businesses and people who are always on the move. The cups are larger than fresh seal to go as they are 360ml.

Simple to use – plug in the machine, fill it with water and it’s ready to go! Each coffee cup contains 12oz of freeze dried soluble coffee powder. The cups also have a built-in, sealed foil. Peel it back, add hot water and the drink is ready! We have authentic instant coffee brands including Nescafe gold blend, Black Coffee, White Coffee, Cappuccino and Decaff coffee.  Also available is Cadbury & Aero Hot Chocolate, or Tetley Tea. Nescafe & Go is the most convenient solution for customers who are always on-the-go.

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