Lucky Pyramid Toys for Children

Lucky Pyramids are pyramid shaped packages which contain five surprise toys inside. Our design company Artom Graphics Ltd created this unique product. We make exciting and fun lucky pyramids for boys and girls as well as special editions for Easter and Christmas.They make a great collectible item particularly as we regularly change the designs.

In Cyprus, the Pyramids have been a huge hit across the island. The pyramids make a perfect gift for children between 4-10 years old.

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Lee Publications Magic Pens

For over 45 years, Lee Publications has entertained and educated kids and adults alike with the magic and excitement of Invisible Ink, Magic Pen® Painting Books, Magnetic Fun® Tins, Jumbled Sticker Puzzles, and Trace Art®.

We have an extensive range of Magic Pen Colouring books including Finding Nemo, Minnie Mouse, Mickey Mouse, Monste’s Inc, Cars, Disney Princess and more!