Laser Hair Removal Technology

Smooth Platinum Ice

 Smooth Platinum Ice is the most technologically advanced and effective laser hair removal machine that the industry has to offer.

Smooth Platinum Ice handle

The superior handle of Smooth Platinum Ice offers the astonishing amount of ONE HUNDRED MILLION LASER SHOTS.

Additionally, the handle carries an LED TOUCH SCREEN to offer an increased efficiency and effectiveness to its operator. In other words, it offers almost unlimited laser shots while it is the easiest to operate.

effective laser hair removal machine
americal hair removal laser

We offer different payment methods, leasing and rental options as well

Additionally, you are going to be offered guidance and intensive training regarding the operation of the machine and inside & secret information regarding the laser hair removal market.

Ideal for Clinics or Beauty Salons

Smooth Platinum Ice is the ideal option for any clinic or beauty saloon that wishes to upgrade their services with the highest quality and most effective laser hair removal machine.

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